Use GitHub, Productively.

Chummy is a browser extension that helps you stay focused on what matters to you, whether that’s developing, contributing, browsing, or stargazing a bunch of random repositories.

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GitHub can be difficult to navigate.
Chummy comes packed with features that make it easy.

Repository Management

Unclutter your windows and tabs. Easily switch between multiple open repositories using the sidebar.

Tabbed Files

Keep organized while having multiple files open at once. You can manage all open files at any given time from one place.

Project Tree

Get to your files faster. Navigate repository files using the ergonomic file explorer that should've been included with GitHub.

Powerful Search

Search for anything. Leverage GitHub’s powerful search API to search in code, by filename, by extension, and more.


Losing track of the files you’ve opened? Bookmark them so you can save and search for them later.

Distraction Free Mode

Unclutter your space and maximize focus. Bringing your favorite IDE feature to you.

Custom Themes

Choose between light and dark themes to match your style. Don’t see any you like? Contribute your own customized palette!

Saved Sessions

Pick up where you left off with saved sessions. Reopen the files and pages that are important to you with one click.

Sticky Window

Don't get lost in your windows! Always keep the extension visible and attached to your main window, wherever you click.

Optimized Speed

Browse quickly. Files are lazy loaded and cached at the folder level so that browsing even the largest repositories is a breeze!

Quick Collapse

Collapse all open folders to get back to the root of your repository.

Why use Chummy?

One Click Setup

Use your existing GitHub account to get started. No extra configuration, no sign up, no credit card required.

Cross Browser Compatible

Available on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and all Chromium-based browsers. Support Safari coming to you soon!

Simple & Flexible

One extension. Many ways to use it. A simple and clean user experience makes the app a joy to use.

Zero Hassle Cancellation

Unsatisfied with your premium account? We’ll cancel your subscription, no questions asked. We're here to make your life easier, not harder.

No Tracking

Chummy does not (and will never!) track or sell your private information in any shape or form. See our privacy page for more detail.

Open Source

No funny business here! The entire codebase is open source, and undergoes security auditing before each release.

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