About the Team

Alex does the coding, Jane does the design, and Nightly is a good girl.
We make a good team.

How Chummy came to be.

As someone who loves to work on side projects, I’ve always had a love hate relationship with GitHub. GitHub is a place where you can put on many kinds of hats. You can be a lone coder putting up personal websites, a regular contributor to an open source project that is business critical for top tech companies, a student collaborating with peers on a grad school project, a professional software engineer maintaining open sourced projects, or your average Joe lurker.

There's a place for everyone, but using GitHub isn't the friendliest experience for everyone. When I used it for my projects, I was jumping between tabs, repositories, getting lost in my branches, etc. and I wished there was a more streamlined process for working with a fairly popular platform used by millions.

I started Chummy to address my own pain points with GitHub, but it has become a collection of features that I've had requested from friends and coworkers who've validated my own frustrations with GitHub. Chummy's a continuously growing toolbox, so please leave some feedback so that we can make GitHub work for you.

Thank you, and enjoy Chummy!

- Alex